Are there any pre-filing requirements?

     The Bankruptcy Code requires that you obtain a certificate of credit counseling prior to actually filing your bankruptcy petition.  This certificate must be obtained within 180 days or 6 months prior to you filing.  Each person is required to obtain a certificate.  Like everything there is a fee.  A lot of credit counseling courses intially cost around $50.00, but today you can obtain certificates at very low costs between $10.00 to $20.00.   If you have a computer you can go to a variety of providers.  Listed below are just a few lowed priced agencies. 

     If you do not have the use of a computer, then you can obtain your certificate in person at Advantage Credit Counseling.  This is the only local provider that is located at 2403 Sidney Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15203.  You can contact them at 412-380-1560 or 1-866-409-2227.

     Assuming neither option is good for you, then many agencies provide counseling over the telephone.

     Be sure and obtain your certificate before you file or your case will get dismissed.