How long is the process and is anything else required of me?

       The whole process takes about  4 1/2 months from the date that you filed your petition.  You first have your meeting of creditors usually within 30 days.  Creditors are provided with a 60 day time line to review your case from the first date set for your meeting of creditors.  After that deadline has paseed, then the case is normally closed out in about a month to a month and a half.  There are ocassions where your case may fall through the cracks and it will be necessary for me to call the clerk's office to have it closed out.  You will receive a discharge order and final decree in the mail officially discharging your debts and closing out your case.

     During the 60 day time period that creditors have to review your case, it is necessary that you obtain a debtor education certificate.  This is the second course that you are required to take and is oftentimes called a pre-discharge course.  It is basically a budget class.  You must be certain to obtain it before that 60 day deadline or your case will be closed out without discahrge.  That means that it will be necessary for you to refile.  You can oftentimes obtain your ceritificate from the same place that you obtained your certificate of credit counseling from.  Here are just a few of the places that you can contact: , , , , , .  If you do not have a computer, then you can call Advantage Credit Counseling at 1-866-409-2227, which is the only local office that is located at 2403 Sidney Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15203 and do it in person or over the telephone.