Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: A Debt Repayment Plan for Those Who Make Too Much to Qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Trust the experienced attorney to get you through

If your income exceeds the state's median income levels, then you may seek debt relief with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy rather than Chapter 7.

Attorney Shepherd is ready to help you through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy claim. He has over 20 years experience in the field and is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. He is a licensed attorney who can practice in all Pennsylvania courts, including the state Supreme court.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy expectations

- An opportunity to pay past due mortgage payments

- Pay recent tax debts in full

- Catch up on unpaid child support obligations

- Payment plans are substantially smaller than if the debtor made payments directly through the creditor

- Monthly payments made to the trustee of the bankruptcy court over 3 – 5 years

Variety of offerings and experience

Attorney Shepherd has extensive experience helping people through the bankruptcy process. He is ready to help you today. He offers flexible appointment scheduling for your convenience. His experience also lies in family law and social security disability benefits.