Take Action to Avoid Having Your Car Repossessed

Avoid the repo man and hire an attorney's help

If you're facing a possible repossession of your vehicle, call Attorney Rodney D. Shepherd today. Losing possession of your car affects your ability to get to work, school and social engagements.

Seek help from a qualified attorney like Attorney Shepherd. He has over 20 years' experience and devotes personal attention to his clients. He offers FREE initial consultations.

Follow these steps:

- Stay in touch with your lender if you are having temporary difficulties making car payments

- Stop paying credit card, medical bills, or other low priority debts

- Negotiate an arrangement to temporarily lower car payments

- Pay off all past due payments

- Consider filing for bankruptcy

- Hire an attorney

Seek help from a licensed, qualified attorney

Attorney Shepherd is an experienced bankruptcy attorney, family law attorney, and in social security disability settlements. If you find yourself in need of any of our other services, call us today for a FREE initial consultation.