Services We Provide in Our Bankruptcy and Social Security Disability Offices

From our Pittsburgh law office, we help people find viable debt solutions through bankruptcy, obtain Social Security disability compensation, and create comprehensive wills and estate plans. In addition, we have the experience and knowledge to take on even the most complex divorce, family law, and criminal defense cases. If you have questions about the types of cases we handle, or if you need immediate assistance, call us at the number listed at the top of this page or fill out our confidential contact form.


Debt has a way of ruining nearly every facet of a person’s life. From credit card bills to defaulted loans, the stress of trying to overcome mounting debt can tear families apart. Our law firm offers a free case evaluation to determine if bankruptcy could be the right way to stop the debt collectors from calling while allowing you to keep your home, vehicle, and treasured assets. 

Social Security DisabilitySocial Security Disability

Many people are unable to work due to a physical or emotional disability, placing them at risk of losing their homes because they cannot earn a living. Those who qualify for Social Security disability benefits must still go through a rigorous application and appeals process before they can get the payments they need. Social Security disability filing can be complicated, but an attorney’s help can make the process go smoothly and guide you toward a successful result.

Family Law & DivorceFamily Law & Divorce

Family squabbles can destroy a person's life. The situation you find yourself in is one that you may never have thought, in a million years, you would be in. Unfortunately, things happen in life, and they are not always good. Attorney Rodney Shepherd is licensed to practice in courts throughout Pennsylvania. He is a trusted source of legal advice for clients struggling with the emotional uncertainty of a family dispute. He will provide you with a free, personalized assessment of your case so you will know your rights and how best to proceed.

Wills & EstatesWills & Estates

Many people put off or delay taking any actions in preparing for the settlement of their estate until it is too late. If you care about who will get your property, then you should begin taking those necessary steps. Attorney Rodney Shepherd has practiced in the area of wills and estates for 26 years and will guide you in the necessary actions that are needed to be taken.

Criminal DefenseCriminal Defense

An arrest can turn a person's life upside down. Attorney Rodney Shepherd is committed to helping people put their lives back together again after an arrest. He will fight for your rights and work to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation—soon it will be just another bump in the road. His 26 years of experience in criminal law serves his clients well, helping him to determine the best approach to the stressful situations they are facing. Call today for a free consultation.