Accused of a Crime in Pittsburgh? You Need a Tenacious Criminal Defense Attorney to Protect Your Rights

Twenty-four years ago a young man came to my office seeking legal representation. He had been arrested on several charges of intent to deliver and possession of drugs. During this time he had been in school on a government grant, but this all came to an end because of the pending charges. Previously, he had been convicted of the exact set of charges. He clearly admitted that he did, in fact, do it before. This time he simply had not done it. However, once you commit certain types of crimes you develop a certain image, so the police keep a close watch on you. I could not have met anyone more sincere about their innocence, so we prepared for trial. After a 1 1/2 day trial before a jury, the jury came back with its verdict of not guilty on all counts. The young man was now able to go back to school and today owns his own business. When faced with an arrest on various types of charges, it is often times only necessary that the situation is a temporary bump in the road.

Attorney Rodney Shepherd is licensed in courts throughout Pennsylvania. He has been a trusted source of legal advice for many clients. He has practiced in all areas of this type of law and will not steer you wrong. A free, personalized assessment of your case will be provided so that you will know your rights and how best to proceed. Call today for a free consultation.

Types of Cases Criminal Defense Cases We Handle From Our Pittsburgh Law Office

  • Preliminary Hearings. This is the first step in the criminal process. Once charged, you first go before the magistrate. At that level your case is normally worked out, whereby you are able to get some of your charges withdrawn or reduced to lesser charges or the case is simply sent downtown to the higher court.
  • Felony and Misdemeanors. These are the types of charges that often times are sent downtown unless you are able to get them disposed of at the magistrate. If your case is sent downtown to the higher court, then Attorney Shepherd will fight for you by negotiating an acceptable plea agreement or proceeding to trial.
  • Bond Reductions. Sometimes your bond may be set at such a high level that you are unable to get out of jail pending the outcome of the charges. In an instance like this, it may be necessary to obtain a reduction in your bond.

  • Expungements. This allows your record to be cleared if you were found not guilty or your charges were reduced to a lesser charge or were withdrawn or dismissed. There are a few other types of situations whereby you can have your record cleared if you have only been convicted of a summary offense within a certain time period or you are 70 years of age or older and have had no prior convictions for a certain period of time. If you find yourself in these types of circumstances, then you should not delay in having your record cleared. You just never know what you might encounter down the road, such as an attempt to get a new job, etc.