Helping Disabled Workers Get the Social Security Disability Benefits They Deserve

People who are unable to work due to an ongoing injury may rely on public benefits in order to survive. Under the Social Security program, workers make contributions into the system while they are able to work and draw from this fund if they become disabled. Unfortunately, many rightful claims are often denied due to incomplete paperwork, lack of medical evidence, or other technicalities, leaving the disabled worker without the funds they need to keep their homes and pay their bills.

Attorney Rodney Shepherd has many years of experience helping his clients through the complicated Social Security disability process. As he is licensed to practice in all Pennsylvania courts, including the state Supreme Court, Rodney Shepherd is able to provide legal guidance on disability and benefits to claimants throughout the state. Call our office today for a free evaluation of your benefit case.

We help with applications and appeals for clients who are seeking:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

How an Attorney Benefits Your Social Security Disability Claim

Claimants who have legal representation are typically more likely to get their claims approved than those who do not. A disability attorney will also deal with the representatives from the Social Security Administration (SSA) on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your medical treatments. An attorney can also explore options to give your claim the best chance of success, including:

  • Identifying all injuries. Disability applicants will often make a claim for one single injury when they suffer from many separate conditions. Claimants may apply for benefits for a physical impairment, but neglect to seek benefits for anxiety or depression, while others downplay the seriousness of their disabilities because they have made so many allowances to cope with the strain. We can help you seek proper payment for all of your disabling conditions and clearly demonstrate your inability to work.
  • Gathering medical records. Disability claims rely on hard medical evidence for approval or denial. We can track down all of your paperwork dating back to the onset of your injury, including work incident reports and hospital records. We can even speak with your doctors if they have been unsupportive to your claim, and ask for a second opinion on your work limitations, pain management, and mobility.
  • Examining your work history. Some people attempt to work while they are waiting to receive their Social Security disability benefits. This can hurt your claim, even if you are working part time. However, claimants who require special accommodations to perform their jobs, have to leave often due to pain, fatigue, or doctor’s appointments, or who are earning far less than they did before they were disabled are still eligible for benefits.
  • Making the appeal deadline. Once a claim has been denied, a claimant has only 60 days to request a disability hearing in front of an administrative law judge (ALJ). Once this deadline passes, the claimant will have to begin the disability process over from the beginning. Our firm can examine whether you had good cause for missing the deadline, file the request for a hearing on your behalf, and represent you at the hearing in front of the ALJ to make your case.

Approval for your Social Security disability claim does not just grant you the benefits you need, it is also essential to securing other forms of financial support. Filing for these benefits may be the most important thing you do for your future, so you should seek an attorney’s help no matter where you are in the process. For your convenience, Rodney Shepherd is available via email, phone, or in person—whatever works best for you. Simply fill out our convenient online contact form to set up your free consultation.