Pittsburgh Attorney Rodney Shepherd Can Help You Plan for Your Future

Estate Planning is an item that most people put off until the last minute.  Unfortunately, we are all going to die at some point.  If you are concerned about who will get your property and how it should be handled, then you should take the first step to make that happen.  By taking this step it will make things easier for your family and beneficiaries.  Attorney Rodney Shepherd has many years of experience helping his clients.  As he is licensed to practice in all Pennsylvania Courts, including the PA Supreme Court, Attorney Shepherd is able to provide guidance regarding the many things that you can do throughout your life to prepare.  Call our office today for a free consultation.


Everyone should have a will.  In making a will, you can leave specific items to certain individuals or you can just generally leave all your property to a certain person or group of people.  If not, the State will determine who gets your property.  This is called intestacy.

Living Will

Sometimes a person is admitted to the hospital and their condition becomes so ill that they only will they can be kept alive in through the use of life support.  Most people do not wish to continue with life support if such extraordinary measures are their only means.  A living will is a document whereby you express your desire that you do not want to have life support if that is your only way to remain alive.  You appoint a particular individual that you feel comfortable with to carry out your wishes if that situation should ever come to light.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document whereby you appoint an individual to assist you in making decisions in your day to day activities.  It should be pointed out that you are also still able to make decisions on your own behalf.


There may be times when a person that you are close to never granted a power of attorney to anyone.  You fill that they are now not able to make any decisions on their own.  This person is no longer in a position to grant a power of attorney to anyone, since they are no longer in a position to appreciate their surroundings.  That being the case, it is necessary to file a Petition with the court to have the person declared incompetent.  A guardian will then be appointed who will then make all decisions on behalf of this person regarding their person and estate.