Why Debt Consolidation May Not Be for You

There are many advertisements for debt consolidation and so forth, and I think debt consolidation may benefit some people. As a general rule, many people that have come to me that didn’t really want to file bankruptcy left and went to debt consolidation, but after about four months they came back.

A lot of times places like credit counseling and debt consolidation put you on a shoe string budget, and it is just so difficult to continue to live your life. And a lot of these providers of debt consolidation that you find on the internet just take your money. They may tell you that they will do something for you, but what they are telling you they can do, they really can’t do. So you may try to get your money back from them. Sometimes you might get a good portion of it back, but not all of it. So if you find yourself in a bad financial situation, it is better to talk with an attorney. I don’t charge anything for a free consultation. We can sit down and decide what the best option is for you and move forward from there.